Download drama slayer

Download drama slayer latest version Watch the latest Asian series and movies in high quality through the application without annoying ads or pop-up windows Drama Slayer is an excellent application that has won the admiration of millions and they have used it over the past years to take advantage of its wonderful features that we will explain in this article , For our visitors, the Drama Slayer application download application for Android has been released for more than five years, and currently millions of users are watching the favorite drama through the Drama Slayer application. You can download it and enjoy Asian series and movies.


Drama slayer app features:

  1. The application is completely free and does not require any fees.
  2. The Drama Slayer app contains a light search engine that quickly brings you the results you are searching for, so you can search for the series or movie you are searching for easily.
  3. Drama Slayer application contains an amazing database extremely large and this feature keeps you from using some other applications because you will find any content you are searching for inside the Drama Slayer application easily
  4. You can select the content that you want to watch later easily within the application. You can also create an account on the application to present the content on the application and add reviews for each series or movie that you watch
  5. The drama slayer app always downloads new episodes of the series or the latest movies constantly
  6. With the Drama Slayer application, you can download the episodes on your phone of more than one quality, and you can also watch online without downloading.
  7. A new feature in the Drama Slayer application, if you add a series within your favorites, the application will send notifications when there are new episodes of the series to notification you to watch the episode

Download Drama slayer APk

How to download the Drama Slayer app:

  1. First, you can download the application from the bottom of the article, the latest version, or download it from here.
  2. After downloading the application, install the application
  3. After that, you follow the steps until it appears to you that the application has been installed, open the application, and enjoy the features within the application

Drama Slayer video player

  1. You can play the videos within the Drama Slayer application, you must download a helper application to play the videos in order to work properly. This player is called AS Player, which is specific to the application so that the videos work correctly.
  2. Interface to use the Drama Slayer application As you can see, there are recent additions that have been added within the application, serials or new movies or new episodes, or you can click on the search mark at the top of the page lens shape if you want to search for a movie or series you want
  3. The detail page of the series: Through this page, a simple overview of the series appears, whether it was action, romance, mystery, or otherwise, and the availability of episodes, as well as ratings of viewers within the application, you can also add an rating of the series if you want to.
  4. The login page or sign up in Drama Slayer: You can sign up in the Drama Slayer app quickly and easily as shown in the photo. Sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account or a Gmail account This helps you rate episodes and also put a series in your favorites for watching later and a lot of features


We alert all new episodes: With this option, you can view to get new episodes if you are following some series within the application and this is good until it sends you notifications from outside if the application downloads new episodes of the series

The default player for the application: You can specify the default player that works inside the application. Through this option, you can run the original application player or another player such as mx player

Download through the AMD application: For those who do not know the AMD application, this application is for downloads through the phone. A fast application that supports completion and also gives you an amazing user experience.

Night mode: The Anime Slayer app supports night mode for eye comfort. You can activate it or cancel it through this option